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Bakers Single Barrel 107 Proof

Bakers Single Barrel - 3 out of 5 barrels

Whiskey: Bakers Single Barrel

Distiller: Jim Beam Beam/Sutory

Review Date: 11-9-2020

Proof: 107

Style: Single Barrel

History: Baker was the great nephew of Jim Beam and grew up working every job in the distillery. You can learn about Baker by checking out this interview with him on the Bourbonr Blog.

Nose: At first I smelled lots of cherry and vanilla but upon reading several other reviews of this product which mentioned the smell of sweet peanut butter I could not agree more.

Taste: Immediate heat but it has a good flavor. Many reviewers can will tell you that baking spices lead initially and then they gets lots of oak, leather and some vanilla. I can taste the vanilla but I don't know what leather and oak taste like so it is hard for me to say.

Finish: Bakers 107 will leave your mouth dry but it also left me wanting more.

Recommendation: add a drop or two of water or sip it over ice to damper down the heat. For me this is a bottle to keep in the cabinet to share with friends and one that I would consider for creating a flight of bourbons to demonstrate a mid proof bourbon. The rye spices will not impress new bourbon drinkers so my recommendation is not to use this as here try this bourbon for newbies.

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