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Blade & Bow

In this writer’s opinion, Blade and Bow would make an excellent everyday sipper, but the price point takes it out of that category.

Nose: I struggled to pull much from the nose of this bourbon. It is very light. I found small hints of wood and maybe some fruits. Other reviewers have said that they get peach on the nose. I do not get that!

Taste: The taste surprises you with as little on the nose that I got. Although only 91 proof, it has a bit more bite than I expected on the first sip. I let the bourbon sit for a bit, and it opened up with sweetness and a warm mouthfeel. The bourbon coats your entire mouth. I enjoyed Blade and Bow after it sat for a bit.

Finish: Blade and Bow has a middle of the road finish. It lingers in your mouth but does last deep into the chest.

Recommendation: Overall, I give this bourbon 2.5 barrels out of 5. This average rating is based on two factors.

1. Price Point – Many other options exist at a much lower price point than $50 a bottle.

2. Nothing Pops – this is not to say that Blade and Bow is not a good bourbon; it is. However, there is nothing about it that makes me want to go back for more.

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