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Discovery Series #3 @ the Wooden Shoe Inn

Updated: Dec 22, 2020

Discovery Series #3 Bardstown Bourbon Company

The town is not much more than a dot on a state road map in west-central Ohio, but in addition to Dannon Yogurt, Nidec, and Precision Strip, Minster is home to one of the fastest-growing bourbon bars in Ohio.

Ohio famous, The Wooden Shoe Inn hit its peak in the '70s by cooking the States best-fried chicken. Locals say that people would wait hours to sit down for one of the five-piece baskets. After years of despair, a local businessman has revitalized the restaurant. The chicken remains, an expanded modern menu greats customers, but more importantly, the bourbon selection has grown by leaps and bounds.

Wooden Shoe Inn, Minster Ohio

Local establishments like The Wooden Shoe are perfect for bourbon sippers who would like to sample before buying a full bottle. It is also a great place to try a new cocktail.

In full transparency, the owners are friends. On Tuesday evening, I stopped for dinner and to try the Bardstown Bourbon Company's Discovery Series 3 along with the weekly special, a brisket burger that you don't find in small-town America.

The Bardstown Bourbon Company: Discovery Series #3 is the third edition in the series of blended bourbons sourced from Indiana and Kentucky.

45% - Indiana 13yr - Corn 75%, Rye 21%, Malted Barley 4%

32% - Kentucky 13yr - Con 74%, Rye 10%, Malted Barley 8%

23% - Kentucky 10yr - Corn 75%, Rye 13%, Malted Barley 12%

Color: light to mid amber

Nose: I got lots of dark cherry with some wood notes. After letting it air for a bit, I could also pick up a bit of nutmeg. What stuck out to me was the alcohol vapors on the nose. Over 30 minutes of sipping this 2oz pour, the alcohol vapors did not disappear.

Tasting: The rye pops on the tongue but settles when many of its oak and caramel characteristics come out. It has a parched mouthfeel that reminds me of dry wine with an added slight burn of rye mash bill bourbons.

Finish: Long-lasting that stays with you in the chest and leaves the mouth dry.

Recommendation: I glad this was a try before I buy bourbon for me. Although I did discover I had a bottle hidden in the cabinet. The retail price on a 750ml bottle puts a two-ounce self pour at roughly $10.40. I can think of many other bourbons I would rather drink for a tad over a ten-dollar bill.

The burger, on the other hand, was worth every penny!

-Brisket Burger

-Applewood Smoked Bacon

-Beer Cheese

-Onion Straws

-BBQ Sauce

-Pretzel Roll

Served with fresh-cut fries and a side salad with choice of dressing $18

I got double fries - yum!


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