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Woodford Reserve - Four Grain

Each year Woodford Reserve releases small quantities of bourbon that push the limits of creativity. In 2020, Master Distiller Chris Morris created three distinct bourbons only available from their on-site gift shop.

Nose: A sweet nose pops with the warm flavors we all expect in good bourbon—Vanilla, Carmel, and a hint of spice complete a very welcoming nose.

Taste: Smooth and very mellow on the tongue. I love the sweetness that comes through. The wheat comes through on the initial taste, with hints of the rye flavors arriving much later. I find this four-grain to be a very well balanced bourbon. Additionally, this bourbon coats the entire mouth and has a silky texture to it.

Finish: The finish on this four grain is all rye. A mild linger of the rye spices left me wanting more.

Recommendation: Overall, I give this bourbon 4 barrels out of 5. The fifth barrel is elusive because of its minimal availability.

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