• Wes Farno

Old Henry Clay Rye Whiskey

Distiller: Distilled, Aged, & Bottled FOR the James E. Pepper Distillery

Proof: 86 Proof / 43% ABV

Mash bill: over 90% Rye

Price: $23.99 / $1.89(2oz. pour)

Color: light amber.

Nose: Light with hints of mint and eucalyptus. I picked up the oak as the whiskey sat and opened up.

Tasting: The flavor was light with a taste of honey. Although as goofy and snobbish as it sounds, it was a very light honey taste. I also got a bit of a Halls honey cough drop taste at times.

Finish: The finish on this rye whiskey was short. I found the liquid to be light as well.

Recommendation: Old Henry Clay Rye Whiskey is a good day sipper. It does not contain the so-called typical pepper spices that often are associated with rye whiskies. At $23.99 a bottle or roughly $1.89 for a 2oz pour, this is a whiskey that I wish would be easier to acquire in the Buckeye State.

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