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Triple Smoke - Corsair Artisan Distillery

Triple Smoke by Corsair

Just before Christmas, I went on a short whiskey scouting trip. On the shelf was a uniquely labeled and named whiskey. Triple Smoke by Corsair Artisan in Nashville, TN.

While the name alone piqued my interest, I have always loved peat-smoked scotches, the words "We have a simple motto: "If it's been done before, we don't want to do it." sealed the deal on the purchase for me.

Triple Smoke is a pot-distilled blend of three malt whiskeys: cherry wood, beechwood, and peat-smoked barley. The smell, taste, and finish left me wanting more. Additionally, in the past, my wife has not been a fan of the smokey flavor that is so prevalent; however, her opinion changed with one sip of this artesian creation.

If you read my post titled: A Salute to America's Craftsman, it is a clear path to understanding why I am so excited to have discovered Corsair. Two life long friends creating spirits and brews with passion, creativity, and a desire to be different. They have invested in their hometown of Nashville, and while this writer is late to the party, they are winning accolades from major publications.

Color: light amber.

Nose: Touch of smoke and toffee, followed by a light hint of cherry. The smoke is dominant, but it does not have such an overpowering smell that dilutes others.

Tasting: The cherrywood and peat come full circle on the taste. The sweetness of the cherry is surrounded by a soft smoke that only comes from peated barley. The likeness to scotch is uncanny in this American whiskey.

Finish: The smokey finish lingers sitting on the back of the tongue. Smoke and Cherry continue to dominate, leaving me wanting more.

Recommendation: If you can find a bottle, buy two! While this is the first of many non-bourbons that we will review, it will be tough to beat. I love this stuff and look forward to trying the other drams they produce. I paid $50.49 a bottle for Triple Smoke or roughly $3.82 for a 2oz pour. If Triple Smoke were a slot machine, I would continually feed it my hard-earned cash.

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