Wes F.

Whiskey Drinker, Blogger, Political Nerd

I am a bourbon hobbyist at best.   My palette is not refined, and I struggle to identify the tasting notes that others do.  I have a love for the history and the passion that goes into the distilling of whiskey.  I write this blog as a hobby.  I own a firm specializing in political, corporate, and non-profit organizations in government & public relations, which allows me to pursue my passion for sharing the stories of good bourbon with others.

Angie F.

Whiskey Drinker, Blogger, Medical Professional

I am a beer drinker at heart but have discovered a love for bourbon, especially wheated bourbons like Larceny.  I enjoy touring distilleries and meeting the people that make of the bourbon community.    I am a mother of four and work professionally in the medical field.



If you are a distiller and would like to have your dram reviewed please email us.  Wes@lotuscovewhiskeyreview.com.  

Please note we will give honest review good, bad or somewhere inbetween.

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