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High West Distillery - Campfire Whiskey

Updated: Dec 22, 2020

High West Campfire Whiskey

This week I had a quick work trip to Cleveland. Our meeting ended with dinner and great conversation at Mortons Steak House in downtown Cleveland. Morton's focus on wine, quality steaks, and fantastic sides have earned them a reputation of superior quality and fine chain dining. The bourbon selection was slim, but it did allow me to try High West Whiskey - Campfire.

High West Campfire is a blend of scotch, bourbon, and rye whiskeys at 92 proof. According to OHLQ, it retails in Ohio for $69.99 and is readily available. My recommendation is to grab a bottle.

My typical review would include tasting notes (nose, taste, finish) but taking notes on bourbon while others drank wine would have created an odd situation. Below are just the mental notes I have retained.

Campfire is a light amber colored spirit that did not overly pop on the nose. Initially, I picked up on the blend of the three spirits. I honestly did not know it was a blend of bourbon, scotch, and rye whiskeys until I got back to my hotel, but I could pick up all three on the initial taste. The scotch punched through on the finish with a fantastic campfire (smoke) flavor that I have only tasted in peaty scotches in the past.

The most telling piece of this review is that High West Campfire left me thinking about it on the drive home this morning. I loved this whiskey and will purchase a bottle or two to share with others.

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